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Banish Summer Boredom With Martial Arts Classes


After months of unbearable low temperatures, Summer is here and so is the three-month holiday period where your children will be off from school. It’s the longest period where they’ll be away from their usual routine and school friends, and while the days of sleeping late and watching TV start as being fun, it soon becomes tedious, leading to the words most parents dread to hear: “I’m bored!”.

As we all know, a bored child is an irritable one – and one that’s much more likely to get up to all sorts of mischief. Of course, you’ll spend time with your family, but you can’t be there 24/7 to mind them. How can you safely keep them occupied in a manner that will benefit them? We recommend enrolling your children in our Summer Martial Arts Program. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll both experience from our course.

  • Maintain Their Routine

A disruption to your routine – even as an adult – can completely throw you off schedule and leave you feeling unproductive and unfocused. Children are no different, and while they’ll be glad to be out of school, too much free time will only make them lethargic and less able to adjust when the time comes to go back. Having them attend regular martial arts classes gives them a way to track their time off from school and to feel productive while doing so.

  • Get Them Healthier

Today’s youth don’t get as much exercise as previous generations did. Having three months of free time doesn’t help either. It’s time to establish a habit of a lifetime and encourage them to keep moving. It will help them become healthier and stronger, burning up any excess energy they have and making sure they sleep soundly through the night.

  • Open Their Social Circles

School is a great experience for many, but for the shy or quiet, making friends can be challenging. Even if your child is popular, they could always benefit from having a broader social circle. Meeting new people at martial arts classes forces them to learn to interact with people that are different to them, making friendships that will last beyond their lessons.

Almost every child who attends our Summer holiday martial arts classes ends up sticking with it or begging their parents to allow them to return. It’s a habit that fosters mental and physical strength and wellbeing, so it’s one you shouldn’t feel guilty about encouraging.

For more information about enrolling your child in an MATC Poland class, contact us today.