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Being Prepared Is A Lifestyle

being prepared martial arts

Being prepared is not just a word or a tagline, for us, it is a lifestyle that we live and breathe. It is the principle we base our daily lives on because when you’re prepared, you can tackle just about anything with ease. If you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail, and that could affect the rest of what you have planned. Adequate preparation is not always fun, it can be boring and uninteresting, and we don’t always look forward to doing it. But, it can prove to be one of the most valuable skills one can master to avoid the build-up of stress and anxiety as the goal approaches. Here is what being prepared can do for you.


Having a routine and sticking to it takes time and discipline, which many are not always patient to achieve. A healthy routine allows us to prepare ourselves for unexpected events in our lives. For example, parents, often mothers, have a routine for bathing and clothing their little one’s, specific times for meals, when they do their homework, and time for play. Some times, when these set schedules are missed, chaos erupts.

Once disciplined in a routine, nothing will be left to chance, and the goals can be achieved promptly. Becoming prepared means, we teach ourselves to understand the importance of tasks and what needs to be done and stick to them. Because it is possible to experience unforeseen situations, preparing for most isn’t impossible. We put off procrastination, leave the excuses, and become aware of what we are and ourselves. Not only does discipline work for adults but children can benefit immensely from it.

Always On Time

When you prepare adequately, there will never be a reason to be late for a meeting, catch-ups with friends, or attending sports tournaments. You will already have a set routine on getting yourself and those around you ready so that you breeze through to-do lists and be where everyone ought to be. Being prepared takes into account possible delays that can affect the time you arrive, such as traffic. If you have children, it will rub off on them, and they will be disciplined enough to arrive early at the exam room, for a job interview or their martial arts lessons. They will not be running around looking for their gi or belt, or a pen.

Develop Resilience

Resilience is becoming active in the face of adversity, becoming strong when met with a setback. It means being able to get back up after successive failures because, through planning, you were aware of possible failure. This characteristic can only be honed when you are prepared and have evaluated the potential scenarios. Resilience can be used in all facets of life.

When you’re prepared then it means you’ll always be ready for whatever life throws at you, whether it be at school, a martial arts class or work. No crisis will impede your thinking capabilities and come up with a solution when it is needed. At the Martial Arts Training Centre, through discipline, we will teach you how to be prepared and face up to life’s challenges. We specialise in self-defence, from how to get away from attackers and kidnappers, and not to stand and fight. It takes discipline to do that, and we can help you.