Why Martial Arts Are The Perfect Answer To A Lack Of Physical Education

Let’s face it; many of us have terrible memories of being teased in physical education class for our weight or inability to complete a squat. For others, having to work in a team during a physically demanding class was not always a pleasant experience. But such courses taught us discipline, perseverance, and hard work critical […]

Why You Should Join in Your Kids’ Martial Arts Classes

parents should join in kids karate classes

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been taking martial arts classes. The best-known forms are of Eastern origins, such as Karate, Taekwondo and Judo. Enrolling your kids in martial arts classes is an excellent way for them to learn balance, respect and of course self-defense. However, why do so many parents […]

Is Your Child Not Into Traditional School Sports? Here Are A Few Alternative Activities


It’s almost time for students to head back to school for the new term. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard some chatter about from your children or their school about their plans for upcoming academics and extracurricular activities. Most schools offer the same kind of activities, which means that their choices will be limited […]

Living Longer – Is More Exercise The Answer?

martial arts longevity

It’s been said that regular physical activity translates into a longer life expectancy. Numerous studies support this, showing that when people undertake regular physical activity, their risk of developing chronic conditions (such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis) decreases. So does this mean you have to be an Olympic swimmer, runner […]

The Key To Helping Your Kids Overcome The Commitment Hurdle


Kids are notoriously fickle. As babies, they’ll prefer to be held by one parent one minute, and another in the next. As toddlers, their favourite toy could be a ragdoll one day, and then a train set days later. As kids, they might be obsessed with dinosaurs one month, and then the next decide that […]

4 Reasons Why Physical Fitness Is One Of The Keys To Longevity

Martial Arts Longevity

Many of us grow up, hoping to live long, full lives. We imagine ourselves as healthy and happy people once we become elderly. However, growing older teaches us that it’s not as simple as waking up and breathing every day. You need to take active steps while you’re still young to ensure that you can […]

Banish Summer Boredom With Martial Arts Classes

After months of unbearable low temperatures, Summer is here and so is the three-month holiday period where your children will be off from school. It’s the longest period where they’ll be away from their usual routine and school friends, and while the days of sleeping late and watching TV start as being fun, it soon […]

How Self-Defense Skills Instil Confidence In Children


Most of us suffered from bullying when we were children, and unfortunately, nothing has changed for the children of today. Bullying can take many forms, ranging from physical abuse to emotional and mental abuse. Whether your child is being subjected to name-calling, having their lunch stolen or are enduring mockery at school, their confidence will […]

Welcome to our New Website

As of January 24th, our new website is online. It is now very up-to-date and features modern graphics. This section will be updated at least once a month or more often. We’ll try to keep the topics interesting and relevant. Be looking for them soon. Posts will include Taekwondo information, self-defense, exercises, and more. thank […]

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