Welcome to our New Website

As of January 24th, our new website is online. It is now very up-to-date and features modern graphics. This section will be updated at least once a month or more often. We’ll try to keep the topics interesting and relevant. Be looking for them soon. Posts will include Taekwondo information, self-defense, exercises, and more. thank […]

Summer Daycare

Let us help with your summer daycare needs. We’re here for kids from ages 5 to 12. Great summer camp activities daily, and even a weekly field trip. Go to our Summer Camp section in this website for more info, or call 330 540 5425.

The good old summertime.

Parents, it’s almost the end of March. Before you know it, it will be the end of the school year. I know most of you have a plan to have your kids watched during the summer.. For those of you that don’t have a plan, here’s a suggestion. Our summer camp is a great alternative. […]

Help us to do our jobs

kids come first karate

Your kids come first Dear parents. Thank you for choosing our martial arts school for your children.  We take seriously the responsibility of working with your children. Our staff consists of three of the best blackbelt instructors in the Mahoning Valley.  Mister Brian Deem, Anthony Sexton, and Sabrina Rouzzo, along with myself do our very […]

Summer is coming

Have you selected childcare for the coming summer? Here’s a suggestion; The Martial Arts Training Center has a wonderful summer camp program.  We have blackbelts that work with children daily, and have years of experience.  Information is available in the Summer Camp category here in the website.  For rates and scheduling call Master Ritchie at […]

Holiday Schedule and More

Here are some things you need to know to finish 2015 and have a successful 2016 at the Martial Arts Training Center.  First, the Holiday schedule. At Poland, there will be Saturday 10:00 class on the 19th.  There will NOT be competition team.  There will be Monday class on the 21st. and 28th at 6:00. There […]

Location, location, location

martial arts poland ohio

When looking for a Martial Arts school it’s important to find one with good credentials.  We’ve got that covered with our World Taekwondo Federation certification.  Next, you want the classes to be held at a convenient location.  We offer two great locations.  If you’re from Poland, Struthers, Campbell, Lowellville, New Middletown, or Boardman, our Poland […]

Get them up and moving

With fall approaching, many kids are involved in activities such as football, soccer, cheerleading, you name it.  Is your son or daughter one of those? Or, does he or she spend lots of time with their electronics?  If the latter is true, they need to get moving.  Activity and exercise are necessities in a young […]

A New School Year Is Coming

If you truly want the best for your kids, look into the Martial Arts Training Centers for their after school care.  We’re accepting kids ages 5 through 12.  We’ll pick them up from their schools, give them help with their homework and make sure it’s finished.  We’ll give them a nutritious snack and drink, show […]

After School Program

Working parents, we have a special place for your kids to go after school while you’re still at work. Our program offers : FREE PICK-UP AT THEIR SCHOOLS A+ HELP WITH THEIR HOMEWORK FREE TAEKWONDO LESSONS A NUTRITIOUS SNACK AND DRINK GAMES AND MOVIES All this in a safe, friendly environment where everything is POSITIVE. […]