My Three Martial Arts Goals And Beyond

Martial arts and its practice are deeply rooted in culture, philosophy and tradition. When taking up martial arts, you need to be prepared not to look at it solely for self-defense purposes, but also as a means of learning discipline, focus, and respect. For many people, setting specific goals such as earning a black belt, […]

The Difference Between ‘Having’ a Blackbelt And ‘Being’ A Blackbelt

martial arts blackbelt

Receiving a blackbelt is a goal for millions of Martial artists and trainees, regardless of their style, and it is often looked to as the ultimate pinnacle of your training. But gaining a blackbelt is just the beginning. That is why it is called First Dan in Korean. Once you have reached this goal of obtaining […]

How Self Defense Skills Can Protect You Against Armed Attackers

martial arts self defense

Most Hollywood movies would have you believe that learning martial arts and self-defense converts a person into someone who takes on and defeats shady characters in quiet alleyways, almost as if trouble gravitates towards them from the moment you harness the skills to fight back. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, though. Self-defense […]

The Extensive Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts

martial arts benefits

An often-misunderstood impression of martial arts is that it’s all about kicking and throwing punches, with no further purpose other than to get fit and learn how to defend yourself. While these are facets of the sport, the benefits and discipline gained from discovering one of the arts are far-reaching and will impact your life […]

Fearing Martial Arts Shouldn’t Stop You From Trying It Out And Realizing It’s Fun

While there is a common fear of martial arts, or any combat fighting or physical activity that is, those who put their fears aside and participate in this activity soon realize it’s more fun than fighting. While martial arts revolves around fighting and combat, it doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving the studio with bruises, cuts […]

Reasons To Incorporate Martial Arts Into Home Schooling


During these tough times amidst COVID-19 and lockdown regulations, our youth have limited availability to sports and recreational facilities which are found at brick-and-mortar schools. This is where Martial Arts provides enormous benefits for parents who are home schooling their children. It allows for discipline, focus, as well as boosting confidence. It also provides a […]

Physical Fitness’ Importance In Preventing Illnesses, Including Viruses Like COVID-19

martial arts covid fitness

Physical fitness plays a vital role in your overall health; we all know this. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, keeps a good blood circulation, releases endorphins, and helps you build strength and endurance. However, you may not know that physical fitness plays a vital role in the prevention of viruses such as COVID-19. […]

Unleash Your Inner Champion With Professional Taekwondo Classes

inner champion with martial arts

So, you finally plucked up the courage to start Taekwondo classes only to be disappointed week after week by your lack of progress? We’ve all been there, nothing feels worse than giving something your all and not getting results. But, don’t throw the towel in just yet! Taekwondo is a highly technical fighting style and […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Your Kids on the Mat In The New Year

It’s the same thing every year. Many of us devise a list of things we want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Often, life gets in the way, and it becomes difficult to follow-through. Weight-loss and fitness are among the top list items that don’t get ticked off. Why? Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable […]

Being Prepared Is A Lifestyle

being prepared martial arts

Being prepared is not just a word or a tagline, for us, it is a lifestyle that we live and breathe. It is the principle we base our daily lives on because when you’re prepared, you can tackle just about anything with ease. If you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail, and […]