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Fearing Martial Arts Shouldn’t Stop You From Trying It Out And Realizing It’s Fun


While there is a common fear of martial arts, or any combat fighting or physical activity that is, those who put their fears aside and participate in this activity soon realize it’s more fun than fighting.

While martial arts revolves around fighting and combat, it doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving the studio with bruises, cuts and blood running down your face. Fears of getting struck, bodies flying through the air, hard landing on the ground, being breathless and battling to keep up with the physical demand, and fear of defeat race through the mind of the inexperienced person. However, this is not the case.


The Goal Is To Alleviate These Fears So You Can Take Action

Misconceptions of martial arts training have far evolved past preparing for the battlefield and fisticuffs. And, while most of the above are rational fears, the techniques of martial arts teaches students to embrace these moves of falling and to get back up quickly. Yes, falling to the ground isn’t quite pleasant, but it becomes fun every time you learn more about how to fall properly without getting hurt and how to rise again.

Martial arts techniques help you befriend the floor; after all, the best thing students can do is to learn how to defend yourself from the ground itself. Martial arts trainers help students to release that built-up tension that comes with tensing up as the mind becomes consumed with fear. Tensing up – a reaction of fear which leads to hurt – is replaced with fun and a pain-free training experience. Martial arts training teaches the student to avoid that tensing freeze which worsens the impact. Martial arts training teaches the student to all hit the ground with the right points of the body, which help to disperse the impact. So, with every fearless move, the pain is avoided and the fun begins.

Furthermore,  martial arts teaches the student to fall to the ground from a close point. Being close to the ground, the student is no longer afraid.  With all this, the student is brought further from training on the edge of their comfort zone and the leading edge of fear and more into a place of fun.

From fun falling, the student then begins on an even more thrilling training process with confidence and every new technique bringing them closer to the ‘fun stuff”. Gradually, each student grows their comfort zone, with fear left well far behind them.


Fears Are Rational But They Are Misplaced

At Our Martial Arts Training Center, we believe that fear is a false expectation that our students believe to be real. With some perspective and experience, they will soon find that their fear of losing, martial art techniques, falling and fighting can quickly be overcome with fun. Martial arts is, in fact, a fun physical activity which grows confidence and strength. So, put fear to bed, visit and start training with us.