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Get them up and moving


With fall approaching, many kids are involved in activities such as football, soccer, cheerleading, you name it.  Is your son or daughter one of those? Or, does he or she spend lots of time with their electronics?  If the latter is true, they need to get moving.  Activity and exercise are necessities in a young person’s life.

Martial Arts training could be the answer you’re looking for.  We’ve taken many sedentary students and turned them into athletes in a few months.  AND they’re learning to defend themselves at the same time.

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse!  FREE. That’s right, Bring your child into one of our Taekwondo centers and get two weeks of free lessons, plus a FREE uniform.

We have two convenient locations.  One in Poland and one in Austintown. 

Check it out.  It may be the perfect activity to get your child up and moving.