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Your kids come first

Dear parents. Thank you for choosing our martial arts school for your children.  We take seriously the responsibility of working with your children.

Our staff consists of three of the best blackbelt instructors in the Mahoning Valley.  Mister Brian Deem, Anthony Sexton, and Sabrina Rouzzo, along with myself do our very best each and every class to insure that our students always hit their short-term goal; to leave the school better than they were when they entered.

Most of our students recently earned new belts, and the Austintown Li’l Dragons will do the same soon.  This is always a great achievement for everyone, students and instructors alike.  We feel a great sense of accomplishment by sharing in the successes of the students.

I do have to ask for your help on one matter, however.  If you were to visit many other schools you would find that the parents have a seperate room to sit in during class.  This is designed to eliminate distractions of the students, particularly the younger ones.  I have chosen to have my schools more open and allow the parents to watch the classes.  Some parents are calling out to their kids during class.  Things like “Keep your hands up, stand still. be quiet, etc.” are being yelled to the students.  I know your intentions are good, but PLEASE let us do our jobs.  You bring them to us, you trust us, so please refrain from these outbursts.

If you were invited to sit in on your child’s school class, would you yell to them there?  Please do the same for us.  I promise that whatever it is, we’ll handle it. 

My goal is to teach my students good martial arts and good lifeskills.  Be patient.  Most of our students are still very new and are developing very nicely.  It’s a new experience for you too.  Just sit back, relax, and let us handle it.  You’ll love the results. I promise!