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Holiday Schedule and More


Here are some things you need to know to finish 2015 and have a successful 2016 at the Martial Arts Training Center. 

First, the Holiday schedule. At Poland, there will be Saturday 10:00 class on the 19th.  There will NOT be competition team.  There will be Monday class on the 21st. and 28th at 6:00. There will be Tuesday classes on the 22nd and 29th as follows; Li’l Dragons at 4:00 and 5:00.  Regular classes at 6:00 and 7:00. No Wednesday,Thursday, or Saturday classes either week. Regular schedule resumes on Monday January 4th.

At Austintown, There will be regular class on Saturday the 19th at 10:00. Li’l Dragon classes at 5:00 and regular classes at 6:00 on Monday the 21st, Wednesday the 23rd, Monday the 28th, and Wednesday the 30th.  No Saturday classes on the 26th or the 2nd.

Now as far as some things I need from the parents.  First of all, I’ve got this!  I’m finding more and more parents (and grandparents) want to shout instructions to the students on the mat.  PLEASE STOP.  It takes away from my ability to control what the students are doing.  I have several students who actually look at their parents for approval after doing something.  It is disruptive.  After class talk to them (positively) all you want.  Remember, I’ve trained many successful students over the years.

TURN YOUR CELL PHONES OFF!  Make believe you’re at the movie theater.  They don’t allow them to be on and neither do I.

Turn down your own volume.  This is class time for your child, not old home week for you.  If you want to visit with another parent, go to a coffee shop and talk all you want.  But, in the school, be quiet.  If you were watching their class at school would you be allowed to talk?

Let’s start teaching our kids punctuality.  There are too many kids asking if they can join the mat after class starts.  Be on time. It’s a good example for the kids.

Put belts on at home.  The belt is part of the uniform.  It should be put on when getting dressed. 

Finally, keep the viewing area and the restrooms clean.  In that respect we are NOT like the theater.  Sometimes I feel like an usher cleaning up after class.  Please, help me out.

 Thank you for your attention.