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How Self Defense Skills Can Protect You Against Armed Attackers

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Most Hollywood movies would have you believe that learning martial arts and self-defense converts a person into someone who takes on and defeats shady characters in quiet alleyways, almost as if trouble gravitates towards them from the moment you harness the skills to fight back. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, though.

Self-defense is a vital life skill to deploy if you find yourself in a threatening situation, but unlike stereotypical impressions would have you think, it’s not there for you to engage an attacker, but rather to evade them.

The key purpose of self-defense training is to instill confidence in your ability to protect yourself with tactics that have proven highly successful to thousands of others, irrespective of their age or gender. It’s designed to help you know how to handle yourself and have better odds of survival or avoiding harm than you would likely ever have had without it. Most people never learn how to deal with potentially life-threatening situations, and yet, sadly, the prevalence of attacks in the form of violent crimes as well as domestic violence incidents is undeniable.

At any moment in your life, you may be faced with a sudden and unexpected threat, and you will need to deploy reflexive reactions that you’ll learn through repeated practice. Eventually, these moves will become as much of an automatic reaction as raising your hands to cover your face if something is flung at you or putting your hands down first when you fall down to protect your head and body. And just as you wouldn’t trip yourself on purpose, you wouldn’t willingly confront an attacker, which is why self-defense is all about using the most effective tactics to get away from someone who tries to attack you or hold you down. It doesn’t turn you into a superhero, but it buys you time to get to safety.

Don’t let the stigma of self-defense classes deter you either: it’s not only for vulnerable women or old ladies. Everyone can benefit greatly from this kind of training, from a scholar who may face bullying at school to a fully-grown man who has to suddenly deal with a bar brawl or potentially being stabbed at random.

These classes will teach you to disable your attacker, break free from various grips and pin-downs, and even possibly disarm them if they’re wielding a weapon. Contact us today to find out more. We offer friendly, family-centric facilities and welcome anyone seeking to improve their health and safety.