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How Self-Defense Skills Instil Confidence In Children


Most of us suffered from bullying when we were children, and unfortunately, nothing has changed for the children of today. Bullying can take many forms, ranging from physical abuse to emotional and mental abuse. Whether your child is being subjected to name-calling, having their lunch stolen or are enduring mockery at school, their confidence will start to suffer. Thankfully, parents are coming to realise that self-defense classes can help solve both problems – the bullying, and their poor self-confidence. Here’s how self-defense classes instil confidence in children so that they can stand up for themselves, and be more self-assured on the playground.

What Is Confidence?

Self-confidence is having a degree of certainty in your abilities, and the belief that you can successfully achieve any goals you put your mind to. With confidence, your children can approach any challenge without anxiety, and with the resilience required to handle change.

How Do Self-Defense Classes Build Confidence?

The study of martial arts involves improving the abilities of the body while also improving the skills of the mind. Children will soon learn that if they can perform certain moves and motions with strength and grace, they can apply this sense of discipline to their everyday lives.

Children who lack self-confidence will live with a nagging sense of doubt in everything they do, which isn’t good for their physical and mental health. This can compromise their social skills, academic performance and general quality of life.

When children take part in self-defense classes, they’re primarily learning how to defend themselves against bullies. As they get stronger, your children will discover that they’re capable of doing more than they previously thought possible. It instils a sense of confidence and perception of control over their lives. Other psychological benefits of self-defense for children include:

  • Self-efficacy
  • Self-respect
  • Self-control
  • Determination to succeed
  • Self-discipline

Navigating life can be difficult for most people, and even more so for children. Going through school, children are continuously learning, and it’s more than just english and math. They’re learning how to make friends, how to be social and how to resolve conflict. When kids are bullied, their self-confidence dives and many aspects of their lives begin to suffer. Enrol your children into kids martial arts classes, or self-defense classes, and you will boost their minds, bodies and confidence levels. Why not visit our Martial Arts Training Center in Poland Ohio to see for yourself our kid’s self-defense classes could help?