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Is Your Child Not Into Traditional School Sports? Here Are A Few Alternative Activities


It’s almost time for students to head back to school for the new term. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard some chatter about from your children or their school about their plans for upcoming academics and extracurricular activities. Most schools offer the same kind of activities, which means that their choices will be limited to football, basketball, cheer-leading or cross-country. Unfortunately, this leaves limited options for those who don’t enjoy team activities or competitive sports. Thankfully, there are many alternatives, and we discuss them in this blog.

Extra-Curricular Alternative #1: Take Up An Instrument Or Voice Lessons

Not all schools offer music as a subject, but that shouldn’t stop your child from pursuing this interest. Find out if there are music centers near where you live so that they can apply. This may open up opportunities for scholarships in the future, so don’t write it off.

Extra-Curricular Alternative #2: Join An Arts & Crafts Club For A Creative Outlet

If your child has set school subjects but would like to take on something more creative, an art class may be the answer. Even if they do enjoy sports, all people have two sides to their brains. Help your child enjoy this kind of mental stimulation, as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Extra-Curricular Alternative #3: Take On Some Ramps With A Skateboard

For many years, skateboarding was associated with misbehaving on the streets. Fast forward to today, and there are many safe, monitored skate parks to choose from in Ohio. Your child could join a club and compete with other kids their age who also skateboard.

Extra-Curricular Alternative #4: Sign Up For A Martial Arts Class

Most American students have only encountered martial arts through popular culture, such as movies and TV shows. Participating in a class can offer new perspective and a deepened understanding of this type of sport. It’s also not necessarily a team sport, so it’ll be ideal for a child who’s wants an individually focused sport.

All children don’t like the same thing and like adults, would prefer to be able to choose from a diverse range of interests and pastimes. Give yours a chance to explore something other than what they’ve been exposed to in school. Who knows? They may just find a passion that they will take into adulthood and beyond. Contact MATC Poland for martial arts lessons today.