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My Three Martial Arts Goals And Beyond


Martial arts and its practice are deeply rooted in culture, philosophy and tradition. When taking up martial arts, you need to be prepared not to look at it solely for self-defense purposes, but also as a means of learning discipline, focus, and respect. For many people, setting specific goals such as earning a black belt, winning world titles, learning self-defense and achieving mastery is at the top. Have you set your short, mid, and long term goals?

Let’s look at these closely:

Short term Martial Arts Goals


Martial arts coaches, instructors and practitioners see discipline as one of the most fundamental characteristics for any martial artists. As a student, it is in your best interest to value discipline as a primary goal. Good discipline will help you in your lessons and be your carrier outside the class and in everyday life.


Another important quality you want to leave each martial art lesson is to have confidence in your abilities. You need to not only learn to trust yourself, your techniques, but your ability to be confident outside your lessons.

Mid Term Goals

It is essential to be able to achieve attainable goals during your martial arts journey.

Connecting your mid-term goals with your short-term goals is the easiest way to achieve each. For example, confidence in your ability can go hand in hand with endurance. With strong endurance and confidence, it is easy to complete a higher belt level than you had. And while working on your short-term goals, you need to remember your mid-term goals continually.

During your short-term goals, you could have obtained several medals before the year ends. Next, as part of your mid-term goals, you want to get your purple belt, complete Judo or be placed in the Pan AMS or Worlds.

Long Term Goals

As tricky as long-term goals may be, starting with obtaining your black belt is the best option. Long-term goals aren’t a fantasy but true dreams you have in martial arts, and for many, a black belt is a high honor. Work hard and diligently to tie in your short and mid-term goals to achieve that black belt. But it doesn’t end there.

Beyond Your Long-Term Goals

The benefits of achieving your short, mid, and long-term goals is the encouragement to set lifestyle goals that martial arts bring. These can include bettering your cardiovascular health along with strengthening your muscles, losing weight, building bone. Although the martial arts isn’t necessarily a cardio training art, it can persuade you to run laps, doing circuit training or jumping rope – these are all health benefits anyone should have. Learning focus in class and in the outside world is another benefit you want to achieve at a higher level. As you may know, focus plays a huge role in various kicks and strikes, mastering a grappling move, or breaking a board. But did you know with martial arts focus that you can teach you how to focus on daily tasks, manage stress and frustration in the hustle and bustle of afternoon traffic, and even participate even in the most boring conversations?

At Martial Arts Training Center, we encourage goal-setting so that your journey as a martial artist is met with rewards you can be proud of. Want to join? Get in touch with us today!