Each and every one of our students have special qualities that they bring to class. They show a great amount of camaraderie and respect for their fellow classmates regardless of age or rank. Korean Philosophy refers to Taekwondo students as Brothers and Sisters, and our dojang definitely reflects this. Our students always carry themselves with high regard. We don’t teach them to be cocky or arrogant; instead, we instill upon them humbleness and humility yet make them confident in their abilities. Many of our students actually are family – brothers and sisters, parents and children – which greatly influences the school as a whole.

We have students of every age, from 4 years to 40+ and every rank from White Belt to Black Belt. Because of the class schedules, many of the students don’t get a chance to interact with anyone outside their class. However, should they come across someone wearing the same uniform, they treat them as if they were one of their regular classmates.

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Martial Arts Training Center - Taekwondo, Ohio

We have had many comments from parents, teachers and principals how much they’ve noticed a change in academic performance. Black Belt Excellence carries over into every aspect of life, in and out of the dojang. Grades excel, attitudes improve and attention span increases. Taekwondo is great for the body, sure, but it is also great for the mind.