Rules and Guidelines
  • Be on time
  • Make sure your uniform is clean and tidy, and is worn correctly.
  • Students with long hair will be asked to pull it back.
  • Keep restrooms clean and ready to use. If there is a problem, tell an instructor.
  • Also, please turn the light off and the leave door open when you are finished.
  • No chewing gum on the mat.
  • No smoking in or in front of the school.
  • No chewing tobacco in the school.
  • No jewelry allowed on the mat.
  • Foul or abusive language will absolutely NOT be tolerated.
  • No drinks other than water are allowed in the school.
  • No food is allowed in the school.


  • Bow when entering or leaving the mat.
  • Keep their hands to themselves.
  • Remain quiet while someone is speaking.
  • Raise their hand before speaking.
  • Refer to instructors and adults as sir or ma’am.
  • Get permission to leave the mat during class (except in an emergency).
  • Treat one another with respect, regardless of personal feelings.


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