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So often we hear ” I just don’t feel like going”, or “I don’t want to do it anymore”.   As parents we really have a responsibility to teach our kids about commitment.

The quotes above could pertain tp a lot of things such as; going to school, going to baseball (or football, basketball, or soccer, etc.), or boy (or girl) scouts, as well as Martial Arts class.  How about  work, or marriage!  How about someday raising their own kids?  Shoud they just be able to quit when it isn’t 100% fun?  In today’s world we’re seeing more and more “quitters”.

You brought them in for martial arts training for your own reasons.  We provide training to achieve whatever goals you had set for your child.  But part of that beginning included the commitment to become a blackbelt someday.  If there’s a time when they say they don’t want to go to class anymore I see two types of parenting.  The first type says “I understand.  Now get your uniform on and let’s go”.  The other says “That’s ok honey, I don’t want to force you to do anything”.  For the second type I say thank goodness the law forces you to make them go to school or they wouldn’t even do that!

Look around you.  The world is filling up with non-committed people.  Broken homes, People who can’t hold a job, school dropouts.  I even hear stories of whiners getting out of the military because it’s “too hard”!  Wow!  I have to wonder if their parents had taught them about commitment if their lives would be better.  I’m sure they would.

When any of life’s activities are interesting or fun, it’s easy to follow through.  It seems like when they become routine, not even difficult, is when a lot of “quitters” surface.  That’s not commitment!  Commitment is stated best in a couple’s marriage vows.  FOR BETTER OR WORSE.  That’s commitment.  That’s what I’ll teach your kids for you if you just continue to let me.  Just bring them.