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The Difference Between ‘Having’ a Blackbelt And ‘Being’ A Blackbelt

martial arts blackbelt

Receiving a blackbelt is a goal for millions of Martial artists and trainees, regardless of their style, and it is often looked to as the ultimate pinnacle of your training. But gaining a blackbelt is just the beginning. That is why it is called First Dan in Korean. Once you have reached this goal of obtaining your blackbelt, it is time to set a new goal…. And that is being/becoming a blackbelt.


Being A Blackbelt

During the years that it took for you to receive your blackbelt finally, you undoubtedly received a lot of help and encouragement. Now that you have reached your goal of having a blackbelt, it’s time to truly become a blackbelt by giving back to your Martial arts community by being involved in events and helping the lower belts in their training. You will be looked to as a leader and a role model, and you must act like one.


A Lifetime of Being A Blackbelt
Training does not stop once you have received your blackbelt. Like with any sport or discipline, there is always more to learn. You can expect to continue with intense training that will refine your skills. Being a blackbelt is a lifestyle that requires you to maintain and improve your skills through vigorous training. If you ever stop training, you’ll go from ‘being’ a blackbelt to just ‘having’ a blackbelt.

In so many movies, books, and other forms of pop culture, we are led to believe that black belts are unfailing martial arts robots who can never falter or fail. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you know everything just because you have obtained a blackbelt. This is your chance to start anew and truly push your human potential by becoming the best blackbelt you can be. This can mean you could aspire to higher Dan’s, with 4th becoming a Master, and 7th a Grand Master. Remember that your blackbelt is just the beginning!

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