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The Key To Helping Your Kids Overcome The Commitment Hurdle


Kids are notoriously fickle. As babies, they’ll prefer to be held by one parent one minute, and another in the next. As toddlers, their favourite toy could be a ragdoll one day, and then a train set days later. As kids, they might be obsessed with dinosaurs one month, and then the next decide that they prefer robotics. As your child grows and starts to discover who they are, they’ll experiment and discard many habits and hobbies. However, by not holding them to their decisions, you could be doing them a disservice by depriving them of developing much-needed commitment skills. Here’s why that could be a problem and how regular martial arts training could help combat it.

The Modern Child’s Biggest Enemy

Your child is navigating a different world to the one you grew up in, and it’s one characterised by instant gratification. In the past, you’d have to drive to get ice cream, but today you can order it from your bed. You’d have to wait months to watch your favourite TV show, but now you can binge-watch an entire season in a day. It’s something that subconsciously impacts how your children see the world around them. They get used to instant results and start viewing anything requiring a prolonged effort as a waste of time. We see it often in our martial arts studio. A child will be raring to go one moment, but once they realise they won’t get a Black Belt in a week, they’ll lose interest and stop wanting to attend. It’s unsurprising to hear weeks later that the same child wants to drop out of a tough subject at school or a hobby requiring effort. Once they realise they can give up, they get addicted to it.

Commit To Seeing Things Through

While your child might have legitimate reasons for not wanting to continue with martial arts training, more often than not it’s just boredom or lack of self-discipline to blame. When this happens, I strongly encourage parents to keep bringing their children in, for many reasons.
A child being forced to take part in something will initially sulk or whine, but this rarely lasts. Time passes, and they start realising all the ‘pointless’ movements we’re teaching them are helping them get stronger, faster and quicker. They see their peers rise through the ranks and get inspired. They develop a sense of achievement as they become able to do things they previously dismissed as impossible.

Hidden Lessons Of Martial Arts

Martial arts will make your child stronger and fitter. However, what happens on the inside is equally important. They learn that there’s no gain without pain, that good things come to those who work, and that they can do whatever they set their mind to. It’s a lesson they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. If this is what you want for your children, it’s time for you as a parent to commit. To find out more about our classes, contact MATC Poland today.