Martial Arts - Training Center

Martial Arts Training Center

Poland Ohio & Austintown Ohio

15 W. McKinley Way, Poland, Ohio 44514
4763 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, OH 44515

Call Now: (330) 540-5425

Welcome to our New Website


As of January 24th, our new website is online. It is now very up-to-date and features modern graphics. This section will be updated at least once a month or more often. We’ll try to keep the topics interesting and relevant. Be looking for them soon. Posts will include Taekwondo information, self-defense, exercises, and more. thank you.

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Martial Arts - Training Center

The Martial Arts Training Center specializes in olympic-style Taekwondo. This is taught along with practical self-defense which can enable our students to get out of harm’s way. Since this is a blackbelt school, every student has the opportunity to earn his or her blackbelt..

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